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SBI PO 2017 Exam- Tips to Prepare Computer Aptitude Questions

With the advancement of technology, the banks have employed computers in their branches to provide efficient and fast communication. Presently all the files, records and every detail are stored in the computer systems. So, it has become very important for the employees to be efficient while using computers and thus all the bank exams have included a section on computers to test how well versed are the candidates are with the basics of computer.


The SBI have introduced the computer aptitude exam for the SBI PO exams instead of the computer awareness. In the SBI exams, the questions in the computer section comprise of basic computer related questions and questions requiring the aptitude of the aspirants like converting binary to decimal and vice versa.

  1. Know the basics:

Knowing the basics of the computers is a must since the banks require just basic knowledge about the computers to function efficiently.

Prepare the basic functionalities of the computers including the MS Office related questions like the shortcut keys, copying files, etc.

The questions can range from basic Operating systems to history like for example-

Who invented MS Windows?

2. Be well versed with different conversions:

In the computer aptitude section, this topic is very important since many questions are asked from different conversions i.e. binary to decimal and vice versa, etc.

Know the different conversions very well like Binary ← → Decimal, Binary ← → Hexadecimal, etc.  For example:

Convert into binary.



  1. Practice coded questions properly:

The computer aptitude section will also include the coding and decoding related questions (just like in the reasoning section) which test the interpreting capabilities of the candidates.

An example question will explain this type better.

If in a certain code, 0 is written as @, 1 as $, 2 as #, then how will 130 be written?

These types of questions are frequently asked in the exam. In the above question, the binary for 130 is 10000010. Thus 130 can be written as $@@@@@$@ in that code.


Prepare different variations of this type of questions so that different patterns will be known and related questions can be easily solved in the exam.

  1. Know the shortcuts and abbreviations:

The candidates should be well acquainted with different keyboard shortcuts and various abbreviations related to computers since these are some frequently asked questions in the exam like for example-

What is the full form of GIGO?


The answer to this question is Garbage In Garbage Out.

Follow some computer books or learn these topics from the internet since these are easy scoring questions in the paper.


  1. Know the Internet:

Many of the questions in the computer section are related to the internet and its uses. These questions are also related to basics and any normal internet user can answer them easily.

So, read about the internet and its related terms so that these questions can help to increase the score considerably.

Example of the internet related question is-

For this given URL- “”, what does the “30” refer to?

In this question, “” is the domain name and ‘30’ is the port.


The computer related questions in the SBI PO mains are relatively less time consuming and easy when compared to the other sections. This section should be completed within 10-15 minutes with full accuracy to increase the overall score in the mains paper.


Any candidate who has inculcated the theoretical and practical interest of computers can easily score well in this section. Though the questions are a bit easy in the section, still it should not be ignored. Even this section should be given equal priority and should be prepared with proper interest and dedication.


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